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Christ Righteousness the Believer’s Comfort  by Robert Traill

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Hear a sermon on: "Justification by Faith Alone" March 26, 2006

Hear a sermon on "The Historical Reliability of the Bible Pt 1" April 9, 2006

Hear Pt 2 of "The Historical Reliability of the Bible" April 30, 2006

Hear a sermon on "Justified by His Grace" May 20, 2007

Hear a sermon on "The Wrath of God is Revealed" June 17, 2007

Hear a sermon on "The Sovereignty and Plan of God" July 22, 2007

Hear a sermon on "The Saints Riches" Rom. 8:32 Aug. 5, 2007  New!

Hear a sermon on "Does man have the ability to obey God" Aug 5, 2007

Hear a sermon on "Christ the Only Way"   Sept 23, 2007 [5.36 Mb]

Hear a sermon on God's grace. "Dei Gratia or God's Grace" March 30, 2008

Hear a sermon on the Superiority of Christ "Christ is Superior" Oct. 26, 2008



To listen to a series of sermons on the Bondage of the will go here 

or to listen to a series of sermons on how to interpret scripture go here.


Lord's Willing I will get more up as I have opportunity.



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Martin Luther

If any man doth ascribe aught of salvation, even the very least, to the free-will of man, he knoweth nothing of grace, and he hath not learnt Jesus Christ aright. Martin Luther

Charles Spurgeon

If your religion does not make you holy, it will damn you. It is simply painted pageantry to go to hell in. Charles H. Spurgeon


Atonement Debate

Debate between Joseph Pipa Jr. and Dave Hunt on the Atonement of Christ

The Atonement of Christ Debate Pt 1 

The Atonement of Christ Debate Pt 2   

John Calvin

I everywhere teach that no one can be justly condemned and perish except on account of actual sin; and to say that the countless mortals taken from life while yet infants are precipitated from their mother's arms into eternal death is a blasphemy to be universally detested. John Calvin

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