Here is my copyright statement. I believe that copyrights within the Christian community are one of the biggest hindrances to the spread of the Gospel. It is because men want to make themselves a name or want to make them self rich that they place these copyrights upon their material. Now I can understand that if you publish a book you need to make money off of it, in order to pay for the publishing and to compensate for the many lengthy hours it took to put it together. But what I canít understand is why a man would still place a copyright on his material after he has already made money off of the book, song, etc......


If a man claims to have the truth, then why restrict it. If you have the truth it would seem to me that you would want to further it. This much said, I will state that anyone is free to use anything that is on my web site that was written by myself. If it doesnít reference another site at the bottom, then I wrote it and you are free to use it to further the Gospel. Those items that do reference other web sites and authors, I would suggest that you go to that web site and read their copyright statement, as I have done before placing their material on my site.


If there is something on my site, from someone elseís site, that is copyrighted, then e-mail me at and I will immediately remove it.


In conclusion, I would like to mention the fact, that had Luther nailed his theses to the Church door today, then there would have been no Reformation. The fact that several students took his theses and copied them without his permission would have gotten them sued in todayís Christian community. It is a shame that those who have been given the knowledge of God freely, [when I say freely, I mean that Christ paid for your redemption, thus opening your blinded eyes to truth], would restrict that same knowledge by copyrights and such. This I would not want to stand before God and give an account of. I believe what I have received is the truth and do not want to restrict that truth.


Hershel Lee Harvell Jr