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Reformedontheweb has for the past several years added ten fresh links to its front page, every other week, and then commented on them. This has taken up a lot of time. The purpose of this web site is to build a web site that will provide the Reformed community with links to some of the best material available, across the web, that promotes Reformed doctrine. Therefore Reformedontheweb is going to move its comments on articles to its blog. This will free up time to continue to build this web site. Therefore if you desire to read Reformedontheweb's comments on articles, then please subscribe to the blog. There is a link on the sidebar to the left.

Reformedontheweb will continue to put up, at the bottom of this page, recommended Mp3's and articles of the week. 

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Is God Just in Passing Over Some While Saving Others?   by John Hendryx


If God only chooses some and it is not based on him forseeing who would choose, then he essentially is predestining many to hell. I say that because if he passes over the non-elect, "does not draw them", then they... are doomed and there is NOTHING they can do about it! Why in the world create many who he would completely pass over and then send them to hell if they have a will bent on not pleasing, not believing in him? The will is bent to sin yes, but they cannot free themselves from it. I have heard it is said that it's for his glory, but the Bible also says that "we" meaning all men were created in the image of God. Why would he do such a thing to someone who is created in his image when they can't choose him of their own will anyways and then not draw them to himself, and passes over them?


Reformedontheweb said: Though I like John Hendryx's response and think he states what is true accurately, nevertheless he does not answer the questions presented to him.

Quick Response to the Arminian "Drowning Man" Analogy by John Hendryx

When we affirm that "salvation is by grace alone" we are declaring that grace is not a reward for faith, but the cause of it. That Jesus is not only necessary, but sufficient to save us to the uttermost. That is, He provides everything we need to be saved, including a new heart to believe. Have you ever heard a synergist respond to this by asserting that faith is like a drowning man reaching out his hand to someone in a boat and thus faith has no merit in itself. Here are a couple of things I like to say in response to this:

Reformedontheweb said: Arminians love to use this example to try to prove that man somehow aides God in his salvation. But what Arminians believe is that when Adam fell he just stubbed his little toe over in the garden. They do not realize that Adam died spiritually and that when he begat offspring that his offspring was also dead spiritually. Unless God resurrect a man spiritually, then that man will never come to Christ.

A Problem for Preterist   by Kim Riddlebarger

[Mp3] Scroll down the page. Next to bottom.

Reformedontheweb said: Preterism is not the Biblical view of Jesus nor the Apostles. It is also not the view of the Reformers nor myself. 

Baptism & Covenant Theology  by Walter J. Chantry

No Baptist begins to seek an answer to the question "Who should be baptized?" by studying the Bible's doctrine of the covenants. Rather, he begins with New Testament texts which deal directly with the term "baptize." In a later study of Covenant Theology, he finds confirmation and undergirding of his conclusions.

Are you new to Reformed Theology? If so listen to several teaching series by R. C. Sproul to gain an understanding of this doctrine.

What is Reformed Theology?

The Making of the Protestant Reformation

Chosen by God

Recommended Read of the Week!

The Cessation of the Sign Gifts by Thomas R. Edgar

A Word to Parents by Arthur W. Pink

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Is There a Regulative Principle of Worship by Sam Waldron

Why I Am A Calvinist---Brief Response to Michael Brown by James White



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James Renihan – Particular Baptist History

Paul Brewster – SBC History: GA Baptist Assocation & Sandy Creek



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Today's Pentecostal-Charismatic-False-Heretical Teachings   written by Hershel Lee Harvell Jr. This is on my blog and I am writing a post every Thursday on Pentecostalism. I am writing on the Gospel every Tuesday. Follow me by clicking the link above 'blog."

Puritan Hard Drive Critique   by Hershel Lee Harvell Jr Here I critique the new Puritan Hard Drive by SWRB.

Puritan Hard Drive Critique Pt 1  by Hershel Lee Harvell Jr. (SWRB has used deceptive tactics to overtake the original critique with their search engines, in order that my file cannot be found. I left the original linked because their critique is linked to it. I want to be fair. Unlike Reg Barrows who is devious in his dealings with others. I renamed the file and relinked to it.) 

Puritan Hard Drive Critique Pt 2  by Hershel Lee Harvell Jr. In this critique I examine the false claims of Reg Barrow of SWRB.

All of these SWRB or Puritan Hard Drive books can be downloaded for free in Kindle, Epub, or Pdf right here.

I highly recommend this book by Tom Nettles, especially if you are Southern Baptist. Nettles calls on the Southern Baptist to return to their original roots of Reformed Baptist.



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