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Baptist Issues

Traditional Theology and the SBC by Tom Ascol (epub)

Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology by Sam Renihan and Micah Renihan

The Baptist Identity: A View From the Eighteenth Century by Michael A. G. Haykin [Pdf-764Kb]

The Records of a Church of Christ meeting in Broadmead, Bristol, 1640-1687 by Edward Terrill 1634-1685----Ebook [Pdf, Kindle, Epub]

Apendix Two –The Decalogue In The Thought Of Key Reformed Theologians with Special Reference To John Owen (Pdf)

1689 Federalism

Theonomy, A Reformed Baptist Assessment

What is a Reformed Baptist Church? by Jim Savastio (Pdf)

A Call to Separation by Arthur W. Pink

A Word to Parents by Arthur W. Pink

Calvinism Leads to Credo-Baptism

Calvinism Is Not New to Baptists

Some thoughts on “voluntary condescension on God’s part” in the Confession and Contemporary Theology

When America Put Pastors in Prison: The Baptist Battle for Religious Liberty

Southern Baptist Agency to Cut Missionary Force by 600

Poll: SBC pastors have ‘mix of beliefs’ about Calvinism

Exclusive Psalmody? by W. J. Seaton

Timeline by 1601-1700 Obadiah Holmes Whipped for Baptist Beliefs – Church History

Baptist Beginnings by Leon McBeth

ARBCA Position Papers:

Divine Impassibility

A Position Paper Concerning the Continuance Of Revelatory Gifts in the Present Day (Pdf)

A Position Paper Concerning the Regulative Principle of Worship (Pdf)

A Position Paper Concerning the Doctrine of Divine Impassibility Presented by the Theology Committee of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (Pdf)

Circular letter at ARBCA:

Circular Letter for the General Assembly, March 2001 by Dr. Mike Renihan (Pdf)

More Circular letters at ARBCA

Is Baptism Required for Church Membership?

Kiffin Manuscript 1640s: Particular Baptist Origins and Outreaches from 1633 to 1660 (Pdf)

The Particular Baptist Outreach into the Midlands (Pdf)

Baptist Confession Making 1644 And 1689 A Paper read to the Strict Baptist Historical Society 17th March 1989- Robert W. Oliver (Revised by)

Church Planting in Early Baptist History- James M. Renihan (Pdf)

English Separatism- James M. Renihan (Pdf)

What Is “Full Subscription?”-James M. Renihan (Submitted by) (Pdf)

Seventeenth Century Particular Baptist Views on Religious Liberty by Jennifer R. Stoddard (Pdf)

The Successionism view of Baptist History- James R. Duvall  (Pdf)

A Newsletter of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies Issue 2 (Pdf)

A Newsletter of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies Issue 3 (Pdf)

Sandy Creek Revisited (Pdf)

The Raw Calvinism of the North Carolina Separates of the Sandy Creek Tradition by Gene M. Bridges (Pdf)

Shubal Stearns and Separate Baptist Beginnings in North Carolina by Betty Gr. Bunce (Pdf)

2013 Eternal Generation of the Son

The Bourbon Baptist: A Look at Elijah Craig’s Life | The Decablog

Southern Baptists and Calvinism by Denny Burk

Can a Sound Biblical Theology be Maintained without Calvinism? by Tom Nettles

Creation Ordinance by Jon English Lee

God’s Rest as Prescriptive by Jon English Lee

The Sabbath and the Decalogue in the OT by Jon English Lee

Jesus and the Sabbath by Jon English Lee

Paul and the Sabbath by Jon English Lee

Sabbath Typology and Eschatological Rest by Jon English Lee 

Ecclesiological Implications of the Sabbath (part 1)

Ecclesiological Implications of the Sabbath (Part 2)

Where is the Sabbath in the early church? (Part 1)

Where is the Sabbath in the Early Church? (Part 2)

Sabbath Rest, Human Embodiment, and 1 Cor. 15 by Jon English Lee 

Sabbath Rest and Faith by Jon English Lee

A Case For Sabbath Observance by Tom Hicks 

Answering Some Objections to Sabbath Observance by Tom Hicks

Are Baptists Reformed? Lawrence A. Justice

Mopping Up the Trail of Blood: Part 1 by Eric Ayala

Mopping Up the Trail of Blood: Part 2 by Eric Ayala

Mopping Up the Trail of Blood: Part 3 by Eric Ayala

Coxe and Pink on Circumcision by Brandon Adams

Infant Baptism and the Regulative Principle of Worship by Fred Malone

Piper vs Owen on Romans 2:6-7, 13 by Brandon Adams

Was Richard Baxter Orthodox on Justification? by Tom Hicks

Is John Piper Confessional? by Brandon Adams

I am so thankful to be a Reformed Baptist by James White

FAQ on the Reformed Baptist View of Baptism by Stan Reeves

Infant Baptism-New Wine in Old Wineskins?

A Reformed Baptist View of I Cor. 7:14 by Stan Reeves

Change, Plant, or Stay: Which is Best? by Phil Newton

Waldron’s Sermons on Covenant Theology by Brandon Adams

Norman Shepherd: What’s All the Fuss? by Brandon Adams

Greg Nichols and Norman Shepherd by Brandon Adams

A Summary of Why Baptists Appeal to Owen by Brandon Adams

Guy Waters on Leviticus 18:5 by Brandon Adams

John Erskine’s “The Nature of the Sinai Covenant” by Brandon Adams

Letter from C. H. Spurgeon to A. G. Fuller Commending Andrew Fuller

Charles Spurgeon Reflects on Andrew Fuller’s Baptism

Eschatological Fulfillment and the Confirmation of Mosaic Law- (A Response to D. A. Carson and Fred Zaspel on Matthew 5:17-48) by Greg Welty 

1689 Federalism Response to Wellum’s “Progressive Covenantalism and the Doing of Ethics” by Brandon Adams

Pink on Moses (& Republication) by Brandon Adams

1 Cor. 7:14 – The “Legitimacy” Interpretation by Brandon Adams

1 Cor. 7:14 – No Proof of Infant Baptism by Brandon Adams

Biblical Support for Creeds, Confessions, and Statements of Faith by Jon English Lee

The Regulative Principle – A Baptist Doctrine by Jeff Robinson

The Regulative Principle of Worship is a Biblical Doctrine by Jeff Robinson 

Some thoughts on Tom Wells on John Owen on the Sabbath by Richard Barcellos

Here’s The Point: Calvinists and Non-Calvinists in the SBC by Tom Nettles

Trevin Wax responded to Nettles' article:

Does Moving Away from Calvinism Necessarily lead to Liberalism? by Trevin Wax

A Response to Trevin Wax: Does Moving Away from Calvinism Necessarily Lead to Liberalism? by Jared Longshore

A Brief History of Reformed Baptists by Steve Martin (Pdf)

The Doctrinal Assumptions and Technical Terms of 2LCF 22.7 Copyright 2016 Richard C. Barcellos. All rights reserved.

Does Teaching Someone the Bible Make Them a Christian? by Brandon Adams

Eight Reasons to Study Baptist History by Jeff Robinson

Baptist Beginnings by Leon McBeth

Baptists in the Post-Reformation Digital Library

Southern Baptists Historical Library and Archives- Biographies

Baptist Writings- free ebooks

The 1677 Confession on Open vs Closed Communion

The Rise and Development of the English Baptists by Graham Beynon

Are the Republicationist & Coxe/Owen Views of the Mosaic Covenant Related? by Jason Delgado

The Holy Sabbath by Arthur W. Pink

Universal Redemption Leads to Loss of Assurance by Andrew Lindsey

Compilation of Posts Responding to Mark Driscoll’s Presentation of Un/Limited Atonement 

The Sovereignty of God in Salvation by Arthur W. Pink

A few thoughts on a post by Pastor Chuck Rennie entitled Divine Impassibility Under Attack: Does God have Passions?  (Part 1)  by Richard Barcellos

The Case for Credobaptism by Samuel Renihan

The Household Baptisms Of The New Testament- David Cason (Pdf)

A Critical Evaluation of Paedobaptism by Greg Welty

Resources for Studying the Law and the Gospel by Jon English Lee

The Law and the Gospel by Fred Malone

For God So Loved the World by Tom Ascol

Meredith Kline: Baptist Criticism of WCF is Correct

A brief Baptist Church history by Joyce Brooke, Joyce Patterson, John R Hudson

A History of the Baptist in New England by Henry S. Burrage

Hanserd Knollys as interpreter of Scripture: An examination of his: An Exposition of the First Chapter of the Song of Solomon by Jay T. Collier

Baptist Preaching in Early 18th Century England

How did William Kiffin join the Baptists?

The Relation of Infants to Church, Baptism and Gospel in Seventeenth Century Baptist Theology

Was John Bunyan a Baptist?

Association Records of the Particular Baptists

Baptist Ministers in England about 1750 A.D.

Belyea, Gordon L. -- Particular Baptists Origins

Benedict, David – The History of the Baptists – Vol.1Vol.2

Armitage, Thomas -- A History Of The Baptists (The American Baptists)

Christian, John T. -- A History of the Baptists (Vol. 1)

Christian, John T. -- A History of the Baptists (Vol. 2)

Ivimey, Joseph -- A History of the English Baptists

Origin of the Baptists

The Amalgamation of General and Particular Baptists in 1891

The Baptists and the Transformation of the Church 1780- 1830

Vedder, Henry C. -- A Short History Of The Baptists

Ready for Reformation Issue 44 Founders Journal

A history of anti-pedobaptism, from the rise of pedobaptism to A.D. 1609 by Newman, Albert Henry (pdf) 17.9 Mb's Scanned copy

Why I Believe in the Sabbath by Erroll Hulse


James Renihan – Particular Baptist History (Mp3)

Paul Brewster – SBC History: GA Baptist Assocation & Sandy Creek (Mp3)


Why I Am A Calvinist---Brief Response to Michael Brown by James White

Is There a Regulative Principle of Worship by Sam Waldron

1689 Federalism compared to 20th Century Reformed Baptists

1689 Federalism response to New Covenant Guy by Brandon Adams

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