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Arminianism Refuted

This definition is my own:

Arminianism- is a school of theology based on the teachings of James Arminius (Lat. Jacobus Arminius; Dutch, Jacob Hermanson or Van Ierman). The system which is called after his name consist mainly of five points, over and against the Reformed theological school known as Calvinism. Arminius differed sharply from Augustine and the Reformers on monergistic regeneration. After the death of James Arminius, his students known as the Remonstrants submitted five points to the Dutch Reformed Church. These five points were supposed to have been what they had learned from Arminius, but we do not know whether he would have acknowledged all five. The Dutch Reformed Church called a synod that met for six months in 1618-1619 to examine the five points of the Remonstrants. The synod drew up five points in answer to the five points which were submitted to them. Thus the Dutch Reformed five points became known as the five points of Calvinism or 'Tulip.' The Remonstrants five points became known as 'Arminianism.'

The definition below comes from Theopedia:

Arminianism- is a school of theology based on the teachings of Dutch theologian Jacob Arminius, for whom it is named. It is perhaps most prominent in the Methodist movement and found in various other evangelical circles today. It stands in contrast to Calvinism, with which it has a long history of debate. Arminians as well as Calvinists appeal to various Scriptures and the early church fathers to support their respective views, however the differences remain — particularly as related to the sovereignty of God in salvation and the ideas of election and predestination.

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All those just listed in this section are at the same site and can be found on one page: Albatrus

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