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E-Sword Free Bible?

I used to host a link to Rick Meyers free version of the e-sword Bible. As time progressed however, I saw that he began to add books, that one must purchase, in order to gain access to them through his program. This is fine, if these books are copyrighted. But I would search the web for free material to add to e-sword and happened upon David Cox's web site. David Cox was putting books into e-sword modules so that ministers who could not afford the books would still be able to gain access to them.

Evidently Rick Meyers did not like this and so he changed his entire program, so that one now must re-download his new program and all the books associated with it. If Rick Myers would think he would realize that some of us are on dial-up and it took hours to install the first version and all its modules. But when greed overtakes a man like Rick Meyers, then he will not care at all. You see, what we do, must be done for the glory of God. It is not wrong to want donations in order to host the site or any project one might be undertaking, but it is wrong to be covetous. Therefore, I now support David Cox and his work with my link to his site. In order to visit this site click here. While visiting David's page, please consider supporting his missionary work in Mexico City.

I also want to recommend a new Bible program that David Cox is associated with called "The Word". Click the banner below to download your free copy. There are many books that can be downloaded with it.

theWord Bible Software

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